The platform itself may not control us but there’s a price of admission: play by the rules or risk irrelevance, which is to say, exclusion from the community. If a tweet falls in the forest and no one favorites it, did it even happen at all?

Atlas sounds like a lot of sharing, but despite what you may have read, Facebook is not handing over your name, location, and blood type to advertisers. Its monolithic ad side is just getting bigger. The Times’ Vindu Goel admits in his article: “Facebook says it never discloses the identity of individuals to marketers, and that any matching of, say, Pepsi’s own database of its fans to Facebook’s data is done on a blind basis.” So what does this “vault of user data” entail?

Windows 10sion: what’s old is new again, and that’s a problem
There was never really any doubt that the next version of Windows was going to look at least a little like Windows 7. Even Windows 8.1 was a step back in that direction for Microsoft, bringing back the Start Menu that so many millions of customers missed. But for all the time Terry Myerson and Joe Belfiore spent on stage today explaining the enormity of change in Windows 10 — they skipped a version number to prove the point — there’s no obscuring the blindingly obvious truth.

Windows 10 is Windows 7.

Imaginary vacations were a fixture of pop culture long before the virtual reality boom. Ian Cleary, a VP for Relevent — which helped develop both the travel pod and the Game of Thrones Oculus Rift experience — says this project was inspired partly by Total Recall. “Your brain is just a collection of signals that it gets from your sensory organs. Whether those inputs are real or fake, at the end of the day it kind of doesn’t matter. If we can replicate them faithfully enough through these mechanisms, your brain believes that you went to these places and did these things.”

What happened next has long been the subject of speculation and some dispute: Who came up the idea of placing a 30‐foot square glass cube — the world’s “smallest skyscraper” — in the middle of the GM Building plaza? In that lightbulb moment, an unused basement that had caused headaches for its owners for more than 40 years morphed into what is arguably the most famous retail space in the world.