The iPhone 5 forecast: a predictable 73 degrees and sunny

The weather icon on the iPhone’s homescreen always reads a pleasant 73 degrees and sunny. It has since the original iPhone was released, a comfortable, inoffensive temperature that matches the comfortable, inoffensive homescreen on iOS.The prevailing opinion after the iPhone 5 announcement is that it’s boring, but still pretty great. The hardware is without a doubt impressive from a technical and engineering standpoint, but iterative on previous designs. The software is as competent as we’ve come to expect from Apple. Together they make for a product that’s not surprising — and therefore a little boring.”Boring” doesn’t quite encapsulate what’s happening with the iPhone 5, though. The new iPhone is timid. Apple has taken very few — if any — real chances. It’s a safe, pleasant, and sunny 73 degrees on the iPhone. Read on