Holiday tech support: quick fixes for all your family’s gear

As we leave our glowing multi-monitor gaming rigs behind on our journey home for the holidays, many of us will be recruited to fix a wide variety of gadgets and technology. It’s the burden that we bear as the “technology gurus” of our families, and though it can be an irksome role, helping your loved ones cohabitate with their gear can be a rewarding and educational experience. You don’t have to let your title as the de facto tech expert turn your holiday into a struggle with your family’s gadgets. Instead, go for the simple fixes that make a big difference — most of them won’t even cut into your post-dinner nap.

To help, we’ve collected a few tips and suggestions for your role as a bespoke technical support specialist. From home theater to networking, there are small interventions that can make life easier for everybody involved. We may not have asked for the job of technology overseer, but as long as we’re doing it, we might as well strategically choose some areas that will offer the best bang for your holiday tech support buck.