Innovating a racket: the awards sideshow at CES

The Chinese electronics maker Hisense won two CES Innovations Awards this year, one for a 55-inch Google TV-enabled television and one for a 65-inch ultra-HD television with 4K resolution. But product manager Chris Porter isn’t entirely thrilled about the achievement.

"Every company I’ve worked with, every time we get a CEA Innovation Award, the product does not do as well in the market as we had planned for it," Porter, a 31-year CES veteran, told The Verge after the company’s press conference at this year’s trade show. "Everybody talks about the CEA Innovations Award jinx. If you look at it historically, it is. Look at OLED. Last year Samsung and LG both got awards for OLED. They never were even able to deliver the product."

So what is he going to do to avoid the curse? “I don’t know,” he said. “I guess just not be superstitious.”