'Final Fantasy: All the Bravest' is Square Enix's first 'true' iOS game — for better or worse

Square Enix published mobile games on Apple platforms before that was even really a thing — witness Song Summoner and Crystal Defenders, two of the few notable third-party releases for click wheel iPods — so it’s been disappointing to see the Japanese RPG giant’s approach to the App Store. The company tends to release straight iOS ports of older games and often charges premium prices for separate iPhone and iPad versions, such as last year’s repackaging of The World Ends With You. Other recent efforts, such as rhythm game Demons’ Score, rely on outrageous in-app purchase schemes. But a new game released today, Final Fantasy: All the Bravest, marks a somewhat different approach for the company. It’s a truly native mobile title at a fairly low price — with all the positive and negative baggage that entails.