May 14, 2013
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The community engendered by the Listserve feels like a vestige from an earlier web–those decades of mailing lists, chain letters, and perpetually reinvented forms of community. It feels archaic to be greeted each day by the thoughts of a total stranger. If I ever win the lottery, I genuinely have no idea what I’d say. How often do you get a chance to speak to 20,000 strangers at once? Surprisingly, none of the emails I’ve received have harnessed the platform to advertise brands, wares, or projects. No one on Listserve has buzz-marketed; somehow, an unspoken agreement has been reached about this. It’s as though the lottery, like its Borgesian antecedent, were sacred.
-Claire Evans, “The Luck of the Listserve” (via thenewinquiry)
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